What is rambling?

Well, one of the definitions in the dictionary says, “to talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to a point”. That pretty much sums up what I do – CONSTANTLY !

I can start a conversation with you and in a matter of minutes I have had about 5 different conversations with you. My mind has thoughts and ideas that constantly run at what feels like 100 mph. As I’m having a conversation with someone I can “sense” that I am rambling. I get this feeling in my gut, my knees get weak and part of my mind is yelling “JUST STOP TALKING!” Then there’s the other part of my mind that says, “Keep talking and maybe they won’t realize that you’re not making sense.” 🙄 The best one (sarcasm) is the part of my mind that just sits back and doesn’t say or try to do anything to stop me from rambling.

3 things rambling has taught me:

  1. There’s usually a reason – A FEELING – behind this “rambling”.
  2. I need to be gentle with myself when it happens.
  3. Remember to breathe ..

“Rambling” is all I have known. My mind has forever had so many thoughts going at once. It is exhausting and ANNOYING! At first, I felt as if something was wrong with me. “Why am I having all these thoughts? Why can’t I stop? Why, whyy, WHYYY?”

anxiety is why.

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