All of these diagnoses connect. One is there because of the other. My PTSD consists of triggers. My triggers affect my Anxiety. My Anxiety will then trigger my OCD. This will repeat until it’s so exhausting and something happens that I can’t handle and BAM! Depression has joined the party.   

I remember speaking with my therapist about my frustration of hearing a new diagnosis. I mean, how many “abbreviations” do I have to keep receiving to confirm I need therapy? My therapist explained that diagnoses are a way for psychology and medical providers to be able to communicate with each other. Basically, it’s so that when I go to a new doctor or therapist and say “I’ve been diagnosed with such and such“. They will know exactly how to approach my treatment and so forth. It’s also for insurance companies (of course).

The interesting part of receiving a diagnosis is the criteria that are required. When I went to get my psych evaluations completed, at the time I no longermet the criteria” for OCD. Does this mean I no longer have OCD? No, it simply means that it was not affecting my capability of functioning in my daily life. Does that make sense? Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me. 🙄

All I know is I have come a LONG way in my mental health journey. These diagnoses that I have received have taught me more about myself. They have taught me why I react to certain situations the way I do. They have taught me to recognize what is happening in my mind and be able to breathe before reacting with my actions. It doesn’t always work. I’m only human. Knowing my diagnoses has taught me to be gentle with myself whenever I do have a “fall back“.


4 thoughts on “Diagnoses.

  1. So interesting how things are categorised depending on where we are at the time of our mental health journeys. I wrote a post exactly like this talking about diagnoses yesterday on my Instagram page, would love if you had a read! Keep sharing your story.

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  2. That is so true! I know I struggled when I would have a “setback” at first and felt frustrated that ” I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life ” . I’m definitely better with being gentle with myself whenever I feel this way though. 💕


  3. Really great post. I can relate with what you’re saying because I have anxiety and depression and both of them seem to work hand in hand a lot of times. I loved what you said at the end too because it is a journey and it does take time. With mental illness there is often not full recovery- you just learn to live your life despite it.

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