Butterfly Hug.

This is another strategy I have learned in therapy. The strategies I’ve learned, I often use them together. For example, as I do the Grounding. exercise, I do this butterfly hug.

To do the butterfly hug I start by crossing my hands on my chest as I’m about to hug myself. (They say to have your middle finger be on your collarbone.) Then I alternate tapping my hands left and right. As I’m tapping I am breathing. I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. I try and do this exercise with my eyes close.

visual – in case you’re a visual learner like I am.

I continue to tap and breathe until I feel relaxed and my breathing is controlled. While I am doing this, I try and notice my thoughts. If my mind wanders off I redirect it to the present moment. I think of my “safe, calm place”.

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